Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My adventures with embossing folders post #5 Inking the embossing folder

I embossed the white card stock with a lavender ink ( ink on the raised side) and then cut out the card into an egg shape. I added the sheer ribbon and the small die cut bunny ( amuse die).

This card is made from 2 attempts of playing with how much ink to put on the embossing folder. The top has less ink and the bottom has more. I like the way the impression really stands out on this card.

This picture is of an embossing folder that has been inked with a brayer on the debossing side or the smooth side.

This is a picture of the embossing side of the embossing folder that has been inked with a brayer.

These are the finished embossed papers. One is with ink on the embossed side ( blue stars) the other is the debossed blue inked side.
 I found that Versa Color Ink worked the best for me when trying this technique where I put the ink directly on the embossing folder.I found I  had the best luck when I lightly rubbed the ink on the embossing folder then tapped it all over the folder. It seemed to give me a more even coverage. I used this technique for embossing and debossing. Embossing is when you put the ink on the raised side of the embossing folder. Debossing is when you put the ink on the smooth side or grooved out side of the embossing folder.
  I hope this has been a tutorial that taught you something new or gets you to do a technique you have not used in a while. Thanks for stopping in.
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Cheryl W. said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Donna. I tried this once by putting the ink pad directly on my embossing folder, and I wasn't too successful. You've inspired me to try again with a brayer. I love how yours turned out!

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