Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ways to use your Embossing folders round 2

I used a pink and brown color core paper for this card. I also used a Raisin Boat stamp called All the right words it has some nice larger sentiment is the set.

     I finally finished the card I did using color core paper and sanding it. I have 2 cards to share with you. One is really simple making it a fast and easy card to make in multiples so you have some on hand when you need  one. You can easily change the sentiment on the bottom on this card.
     For this technique I simply used a card stock called color core as it has a different color under the top color.The one I used in the samples is a pink core with a brown over the top. I cut my paper to fit in the embossing folder and make sure you have the top color on top so the embossed design will be raised up on the top color side. Run it through your machine and then pull the embossed paper out and get a sanding block ( ones from a nail supply place are really good and in expensive and because they are a long block with sand on all four sides makes them easy to hold on to and use.) Gently rub the sanding block on top to reveal the color underneath.The harder you sand the more of the background with show through so be careful not to get to aggressive with your sanding.

     It was brought to my attention about leaving the paper in the folder when sanding.This is a good thing to do and I forgot to mention it.Leaving it in the folder when sanding keeps it firmer and easier to sand the raised areas. Thank you Cheryl W. for the comment.
   I decided to die cut my sanded papers with spellbinder dies and then sanded the edges to help it blend better with my design.I found a pretty pink that went well with the color core paper and then added some embossing to it and used a sponge to gently add a touch of brown around the edges and surface to pull the colors together. I punched out 4 butterfly's ( tonic punch) 2 form pink and 2 from the color core paper.I added them to the finished card to pretty it up a bit.
   One thing I forgot to mention is I added some dots of pearl pen to the side embossed mat it added a really pretty touch.
Notice the dots of pearl pen I added to the embossed design.

The die cut element I had embossed and sanded cut from color core paper. Remember to sand the edges of the piece after is is die cut.I also cut a brown mat to make the brown words pop as well as adding the sponged brown around the pink layer with the stamped saying.

This is the finished card. I love all of  the texture on this card it really gives it a warm feel.

Thanks for stopping in and learning along with me as I prepare for my up coming demo on ways to use your embossing folders.


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Cheryl W. said...

Beautiful cards. I love sanding my color-core cardstock. I usually leave it in the embossing folder while I sand it, though. It seems to give the paper and the embossed design a little added support during the sanding process.

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